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4 Reasons Scuba Diving is An Excellent Pastime

At Dive Catalina situated on the beautiful Catalina island, it’s not uncommon for us to be surrounded by diving fanatics and passionate hobbyists of scuba diving. However, when we offer our diving classes or guided dives, we get to interact with newcomers to the scuba diving world. This is one of our favorite parts of doing what we do—seing people fall in love with scuba diving as we have and continue to do. That being said, if you’re new to scuba diving and are interested in our dive classes or introductory dives, here’s 4 reasons why scuba diving is an incredible hobby and pastime to get into!


1 – Diving Gets You Outdoors


Too many of our jobs, duties, and aspirations involve being sedentary or indoors. How often do we really get to feel like we’re a part of this great, green (or blue in this case), Earth? Man was not meant to live inside of air-conditioned hovels and deal with TPS reports all day. Everyone needs a break, everyone needs to forget the mundane aspects of living in a society. Scuba Diving is a phenomenal activity for getting out and about into nature.


2 – Diving Will Improve Your Mood


Anyone who has dived before knows that it’s almost impossible to dwell on your daily problems while you’re in the water. Being underwater is such a unique and uncommon environment for most people and so it forces you to be present in the moment. While you’re underwater, there is no speech, scarcely any communication but hand signals and some basic assumptions to go along with them. It’s just you and the experience at hand. Not only will you forget your worries, but if you’ve been trained properly, you know that just because being underwater is relaxing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your eye on your air supply and your gauges. It’s important to stay focused in the water.


3 – You’ll Make Many Friends While Scuba Diving


Once you get used to going out on dives regularly, you’re bound to meet fellow diving enthusiasts. In today’s age of “social” media and constant connectivity, we are always just a few finger taps away from speaking to someone, somewhere. Yet, despite all of this people seem to be as hungry for community and socializing as ever. It is no surprise that when people start going out on dives, it’s not just the diving that attracts them but the sense of being involved in a true community.


4 – Scuba Diving is Addicting!


Through diving, you’ll get outside and get great exercise in the water. This will help improve your mood and let you decompress from your worries in your day to day life. Lastly, you’ll be part of a robust and highly welcoming community of people who love to scuba dive and love to share that passion with newcomers as well!

All of the prior three points lead up to the fact that diving can be very addicting—in a good way! At Dive Catalina, we feel that we offer a much-needed escape into a simpler experience that anyone can appreciate. It is said that all life came from the oceans and so when we choose to return to those waters we can’t help but feel a sense of connection to life and we are ever richer for the experience. Naturally, a hobby (or job if you’d like to become an instructor) that offers this much is undoubtedly something you’ll want to return to over and over again.


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