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3 Tips For Prospective Scuba Divers


There are many reasons why people want to learn how to scuba dive. You’re adventurous and the sea entices you, perhaps you love sea life and would love to get a closer look at it, or maybe you just enjoy that feeling of weightlessness and tranquility that being underwater can provide. Whatever the reason may be, here are a few things to consider for beginner or prospective scuba divers.


Assess Your Comfort In the Water


The idea of scuba diving may be so exciting to you that you might have gotten ahead of yourself! Just how comfortable in the water are you? Naturally, if you were fearful of the water you may not be drawn to scuba diving, but plenty of people have no issues with water but could use some practice on their swimming or maneuvering. If you haven’t swam in a while, get into a pool and practice treading water or floating. Be sure to make a few laps around the pool to shake off the rust. For the entry-level class, you’ll need to be able to tread water and/or float for 10 minutes as well as demonstrate you can swim a specific distance reliably. Ensure you can do this in a pool before you’re tested in the ocean.


Find a Quality Dive Center


We’d be remiss to not list ourselves as one of the best dive centers available! Plenty of local Californians as well as people from all around the world visit our dive shop as well Santa Catalina Island for its wonderful dive spots, wildlife, and scenery! If you’re looking for a place to get your feet wet, Dive Catalina is a fantastic choice. We offer introductory dives that require no prior experience. It’s a great way to test the waters and see what your initial comfort is with diving.


Don’t Load Up on Gear Beforehand


Purchase as few things as possible before you have a few good dives under your belt. While we’re adamant that diving has something interesting for almost anybody, you never truly know how you’ll feel about an activity until you’ve done it a few times. You see it all the time, sometimes people get ahead of themselves and purchase a bunch of expensive gear to get psyched up about their new life before they even truly know if they like the activity yet.

This is why we offer a full rental service at our shop for affordable prices. We want as many people as possible to at least try scuba diving and give them a chance to develop a passion for it as we have! Having all of your own personal scuba gear and maintaining it can certainly be a financial investment, be sure to make that choice once you’re certain that you’ll be going on more than just a dive or two per year.


Scuba Diving Catalina Island


Well, what are you waiting for? Come on down to Dive Catalina for a top-notch diving experience for amateurs and professionals alike! Our staff is highly experienced and knowledgable about all things diving. Most importantly, we love taking people out on the waters. If you have any questions about our services, you can contact us here or give us a call at (310)-510-3175!