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Connie Rae Newport

Connie came to Catalina Island, along with one of her daughters, to celebrate her 50th birthday and explore under the Avalon waters.  Having the good fortune to be introduced to this incredible underwater world by world renowned instructor Ron Moore, Connie quickly fell in love with scuba diving and with the unique “waterscape” of Catalina Island.

So moved by this experience, a few years later, Connie completely changed her life and returned to Catalina Island where she could live there and dive as often as possible.  With the enthusiasm of her lifelong interest in the ocean, and keeping them vibrant and healthy, she also recognized that it would be thrill for her to introduce other people to this exciting new possibility: see the world underwater and dive!

Combined with Ron’s life-long experience as an exceptional dive professional with a sterling reputation for expertise in introduction dives, as well as working with the most experienced divers on the planet; the two decided to team up in 2007 to form Dive Catalina.  The goal was to create a dive shop that caters to all levels of divers – new and experienced – giving them the most exciting experience underwater and the type of home-town valet service that makes their personal touch so memorable to those who visit Catalina, and their shop.