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Shannon Sullivan

Shannon Sullivan began diving from L.A. County beaches.  Seven years ago she successfully completed the rigorous and well respected L.A. County Instructor Training Program.  She also completed the requirements for a NAUI Certification and is currently an instructor with both agencies.  She immediately began looking for a position in the diving industry and found one on Catalina Island.  Working at Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) , she trained young adults between 12-17 years of age to scuba dive.  The following year, 2007, she took a position at Dive Catalina.  Since that time she has introduced hundreds of people to diving through NAUI’s Tandem Scuba Dive Experience.  She takes time to improve her skills yearly, and is a certified EMT.


Her diving includes warm water warm water destinations, but Casino Point still remains her favorite dive.  She is currently the lead instructor at Dive Catalina and is masterful at making sure your dive is memorable, whether it is your first or your hundredth dive.