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No one wants to be in a life and death struggle trying to save another person’s life. And this is not the main emphasis of a rescue class. However, if something does go wrong, ignorance is not bliss. Consider, too, that the quickest help any of us has is his or her dive buddy. Certainly our rescue class will prepare you to understand and make intelligent decisions when dealing with uncomfortable or life threatening situations in the water. You will also learn to recognize potential problems and how yo make sure they are eliminated before entering the water. The best rescue is the one that never happens. If you are serious about your diving, this class is a must. Remember, “Safety through education.” This class requires 2 days of your time.

  • Cost:
  • Private – $450.00
  • Groups of 2-4 : $375.00 each

Cost includes tanks and weights. Other gear can be rented.