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All About Avalon

Ron Moore’s Dive Catalina is situated on Santa Catalina Island; Avalon is the only city on Catalina Island and the California Channel Island and is also the southernmost city in Los Angeles County. The waterfront is teeming with tourism-oriented businesses and a wide array of resort communities. Located near the easterly portion of Catalina Island, Avalon is 22 miles off the coast of Southern California and sees over one million visitors annually.


The 5 Biggest Problems Facing Our Seas

At Roy Moore’s Dive Catalina, the ocean isn’t just our bread and butter; it’s also one of our greatest sources of joy and recreation. The past few decades have seen some of the greatest changes to our world’s ocean ever, and it is becoming a very real and scary threat to our planet. The changing oceans aren’t just destroying coral reefs and wildlife; negative changes in ocean bio-geochemistry can affect sea levels, coastlines, ocean currents, ocean acidification, the sea floor, global weather, and food sources for a countless number of species. It seems like a paradox: one of our greatest sources of life has become one of our greatest dumping grounds. Here are five of the biggest problems facing our seas today and what we can do as a species to halt the process. (more…)