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Welcome to Dive Catalina, your premier dive shop in the heart of San Diego, California! As passionate divers ourselves, we understand the thrill of discovering the hidden treasures beneath the ocean’s surface. Our mission is to share this excitement with you and provide top-notch services to ensure your diving experiences are safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable. We specialize in scuba lessons and certification, guided scuba tours, and diving equipment rentals. Dive into the details of what we have to offer in the following sections!

Scuba Lessons & Certification

Learning to scuba dive is like unlocking a portal to a world of wonder beneath the waves. It’s a journey that opens up new horizons and allows you to explore marine life up close, something most people only witness on screens. Our commitment to “Safety through Education,” guided by the NAUI motto, ensures that your diving education is comprehensive and secure.

Our scuba lessons are designed to provide you with ample water time and essential academic knowledge to become a confident and competent diver. Here’s a glimpse of our certification courses:

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Dive Master

Get in touch for details on our Dive Master course.

NAUI Instructor

Call us to inquire about our NAUI Instructor program.

Scuba Diver

This entry-level course spans four days and includes eight dives, offering you a solid foundation in scuba diving. You’ll receive a textbook to kickstart your learning, followed by four days of on-island training, with each day requiring 6-7 hours of dedication. Scuba Diver classes are available between Labor Day and Memorial Day.


Our Advanced course, featuring six dives, focuses on honing your skills, including navigation, night diving, and deep diving. It’s the bridge to new challenges in your diving journey, where you’ll take charge of planning and leading dives. Empower yourself and become an Advanced Diver!


Safety is paramount in scuba diving. Our Rescue course equips you with the knowledge and skills to handle uncomfortable or life-threatening situations in the water. You’ll learn to recognize potential problems and prevent them before they occur. This course takes two days and is essential for serious divers.

Specialty Classes

Dive deeper into your interests with our specialty classes. With numerous possibilities, contact us to explore the costs and details of the specialty you’re passionate about.

Referral Dives

If you’ve completed everything except the open water dives in your class, we can assist. Just bring your referral paperwork from your instructor.

Scuba Tour

Catalina Island is a world-renowned dive destination, drawing divers from across the globe to explore its captivating underwater beauty. The island’s kelp forests, teeming with marine life, offer a visual feast. From garibaldi and kelp bass to octopus and lobsters, the Catalina seascape is a marvel to behold. Seasonal visitors like sardines and bat rays make each dive extraordinary.

Our guided dives take place at the Casino Point dive park, a protected area brimming with life since 1964. Consider a guided dive if you’re new to diving, unfamiliar with the park, or seeking a kelp-focused experience. Our experienced scuba services ensure your dive is memorable and safe, and they’re perfect for solo divers or those who haven’t been underwater in a while. With just a few hours of your time, we’ll introduce you to the enchanting kelp forests, and you’ll cherish the experience.

Diving Equipment Rental

We understand that not everyone has their own gear, and we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive rental department offers all the scuba diving essentials you need for a successful underwater adventure:

  • Diving Mask: A high-quality mask with excellent visibility is essential. We offer comfortable rental masks if you haven’t found the perfect one yet.
  • Wetsuit or Drysuit: Depending on water temperature, we provide wetsuits rated for Southern California’s temperate waters. Stay warm and protected during your dives.
  • Fins: Enhance your underwater mobility with our rental fins. We also offer booties for added comfort.
  • Scuba Gloves: Protect your hands from abrasions and cuts when exploring underwater environments.
  • Scuba Tank: Essential for breathing underwater, our tanks are filled with the appropriate air mixtures for your dive.
  • Regulator: Breathe comfortably with our regulator setup, including a backup regulator and air gauge.
  • Dive Computer: Monitor your dive parameters and stay safe with a dive computer.
  • Buoyancy Compensator (BC): Manage your buoyancy with ease using our BCs.
  • Snorkel: Recommended for safety and surface exploration, especially for new divers.
  • Defogger: Keep your mask fog-free with our defogging solution.
  • Dive Flashlight: Essential for night dives and exploring crevices.
  • Dive Knife: Stay prepared with our durable dive knives.
  • Underwater Camera: Capture your underwater memories with our underwater cameras.
  • Submersible Pressure Gauge, Depth Gauge, and Compass: Stay informed about your depth and air supply with these vital instruments.


1. Do I need any prior experience to take scuba lessons with Dive Catalina?
No prior experience is required for our scuba lessons. We offer entry-level courses suitable for beginners, and our experienced instructors will guide you through the process, ensuring your safety and confidence in the water.

2. Can I rent scuba diving equipment from Dive Catalina even if I’m not taking a course with you?
Absolutely! We provide scuba diving equipment rentals for divers of all experience levels, whether you’re participating in our guided dives or planning your own diving adventures. Our well-maintained equipment ensures a safe and enjoyable underwater experience.

3. Are guided dives suitable for solo divers, or do I need to bring a buddy?
Our guided dives are perfect for solo divers or those who prefer not to dive with a buddy. Our experienced guides will accompany you, ensuring your safety and offering insights into Catalina Island’s underwater beauty. It’s a great way to meet other divers and explore marine life together.

Scuba Diving Shop in San Diego, CA

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Whether you’re a novice or an experienced diver, Dive Catalina is your gateway to exploring the underwater wonders of Catalina Island. Our range of dive experiences and scuba diving equipment rentals cater to divers of all levels. We’re dedicated to ensuring your safety and satisfaction as you dive into the mysteries of the deep. Contact us today and explore the beauty of the underwater world with us. We look forward to sharing this incredible journey with you!

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